Saturday, 26 July 2014

Blogger fucker

Well.. Blogger is acting up not uploading all of my posts .. So chances are that this one won't too. But. I'm still alive and when I get back home the posts will props be popping in, in a random order? I can't edit them either. Weird. 

Here's a two am selfie on Thursday/Friday July 18. 

Night xx 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A good week!

Now I got all my classes fixed so that I have the right ones. I now have the speaking class first and then the writing class. 

I feel really good about my self now. I feel like I get some thing done right. I'm good in the speaking class and the teacher corrects my tones like I'm crazy or something. But I guess she just do it to help me. Although sometimes it a bit annoying since I feel like a have a way better pronunciation than some of the others and they get "非常好!" (really really good) and I get a mere "好"... But again.. I'm here to learn and I am learning stuff! Even though the pace is really slow for this class compared to how we do it at home! 

This class is a great warmup for the writing class. The teacher talks a lot faster and doesn't always translate to English. So when I've had 90 min chinese talking and listening warmup I can get most of what she says. 

My main goal for being here is actually to get better at understanding what there's being said to me. I can read up on my characters and practice speaking by my self. But not listening and understanding. That's where I'm the most troubled. So I'm getting better! :D

Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday 7/7 2014

I didn't get any sleep last night.. Like maybe.. 2 hours.. Even though I was really tired for the first class I was a happy camper. Bc you. 
I did mess my article up today though. We had to write about what we like about Saturdays and what we usually do on Saturdays. I started out fine: I like Saturdays because I can sleep in. Then I proceeded to write about my school days. Like from 8-12 I have classes and then lunch and so on.. I was half way through the assignment before I realised it and had to start over. By then the time was up and I only handed in "I like Saturdays" and "I'm sorry, I'm really tired" :p haha

Next up was my new class, elementary chinese. She has decided the class into two groups. Advanced beginners and semi beginners. I got on semi beginners and it was lovey and easy. We have to buy a book for this course. This class starts at chapter six in the beginners book and the other class starts at chapter 15 in the next book. I took a look on that one and that seems like (still below) my level back home. So I asked if I can try that class tomorrow. I could. So I bought the book and in my lunch break a prepared chapter 15. It's really weird to have pinyin beneath the characters again. I totally only read the pinyin and not the characters. It was done really fast. I even had time for a power nap!

Well.. Today I dropped the last course. The marriage and family one. Not because it wasn't interesting. It definitely is! Really ! It's just that it takes too much time from me studying chinese language and that is the reason I am here. It is really important to me. 

So yeah.. I dropped it... 

Tonight I'm getting all greased up in fried.. Food. I honestly have no idea what's inside this. Don't think it's anything fish though. I guess is chicken or pork. I don't know :b

Here's a selfie from my lonesome dinner :b

Bonus selfie without the tilted head :o

Toilets in China

Toilets in china
Hi there! Now here is the story aka out how my life got twisted upside down. I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I tell you all about how I forgot about the squat toilets of china .. Dhu dhu dhuudum.. Dhu dhu dhuudum .. 

Yeah. I totally forgot a bout those suckers since I was here last year. It's just a fancy hole in the ground.

Then there was this one. Pretty smart. This was the pee doesn't go all over the floor and especially your feet! 

I get the idea of not wanting to sit on a toilet seat full of germs.. But.. This just seems even more.. Eew! 



Weekend. Ahhh...

Nope.. Not really... Slept most of my Saturday away.. Actually.. All of it. Typical me! >.< 

Sunday, on the other hand.. Phew! I got up and then I studied.. Say whaaaat? Yeah. For the exams back home. I only did it for an hour or two befor the characters started melting together and I was still really exhausted. I sleep really bad here. My bed is a metal plate with three cm of "mattress" on top.. Yeah. So comfy I could just snuggle there all day!
Wait.. That's what I'm doing.. My body hurts soooo bad. I literally get bruises from sleeping on this bed. Yeah - that's right. On it. Not in it..
My bed.. Oh my lord it's a crappy bed. I miss my own so much!

Well.. After I studied, with Bella! I got back to bed slept for a while.. Them got up to eat dinner. Today's special was spaghetti.. Eating it with chopsticks felt funny :b

And then I met up with my group from my other course: marriage and family in china. We have to do that presentation on Wednesday. They want me to do some of the talking and I clearly doesn't understand the topic. I hope I can either get to understand it, or get out of it being me to do the talking.

I hate doing presentations when I'm not 100% in the stuff. Lol.. That's a lie.. Back at home it's like 50% is enough for me.. But there I also understand the topics.. Well.. It just don't make sense to me for me to present and have a discussion when I'm blank as what we are talking about.. 

The topic is dating in china. And tv shows about dating and whether or not we should judge those who marry for money over love. Not the actual judging. Just wether or not we should judge. Seems weird to me.. 

Well.. Here I am at 4 am.. Can't sleep even though I'm about to die of exhaustion.. I'm down in the hall/reception area. One of the guards is sleeping. The other one watching a show as far as I can hear.
Lol. Sorry for the feet XD 

I have classes from 8:00 till 5:30 tomorrow.. And breakfast is at 7.. It is now 4 am.. Three hours till I have to get up. Great.. Gotta go try and get some sleep.

Super tired selfie from just now. 

--- out! 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Friday and the French

I had my regular writing class this morning and after I had my new class: elementary chinese.
This class is so much better for me! I get to use the chinese I know and learn a bit more / refresh what I have forgotten (sadly that's a lot of it) :(

Then I finally made it to my third class: marriage and family in china.
It a chinese teacher but she speaks very well English. She had like 108 slides to go through, but we only went through 40 or so on 3,5 hours. Yes... This is a damn long course! From 2-5:30! Ever Monday,  Wednesday and Friday! Gonna be tough! But it's not all bad. I really like the content of this class so it's all good! I learned a lot of great stuff!

Bad thing is that she gave us a presentation to prepare, and I am in the first group to present. So that would have been Monday. Like only a weekend to prepare. But she postponed it till Wednesday. So we have to hear two presentations on Wednesday. 

After school I call home. Finally got my viber to work, and after that I was like seriously hungry! But I didn't have any more cash and the ATM in the dining hall was broken. So it took me like 45 min to track down some cash. Then I sat down in a cafe on campus called circle. When I'm hungry I get mad. Like.. Really mad and cranky! I now feel sorry for the waiter. 
He didn't have lasagna.. And then I felt like my world broke down... No.. But.. I was pissed... :b
So burger for me and a Heineken. Them I saw 4 guys playing cards, and I was all alone, so I asked if I could join them while eating my dinner. Sure I could. Turned out they were French.

They invited me along for later. They were gonna go see the game (Germany-France) in the city with some friends. Sure.. Why not? They hadn't had dinner, neither their friends, so we went to a street market where they had some food and some beers and then we were gonna take the subway to the bar where we were gonna see the game. Too bad we forgot that the subway closes at like 10:30.. So we decided to walk. Then after some time, they decided to take a cab.. A bit difficult... Ad there were some mistakes made and it was really hard to find the place. I don't know why, but it had to be this specific bar and it look expensive and they smoked inside.. Eww...

Well... It was all in all a good night. Even though France lost, and that night I was French... 

 I was home in my bed at 3 am I think.. Up since 7 am. 20 hours and no nap! ..

I really need to get control of my sleeping..



So thursday i had a half Day. Only classes from 8-11:30. 
The early class is still fun and I can do the exercises fine. But the second class was ... Not fun. 90 min of pure chinese that I could not understand. Well.. The most of it I couldn't understand. 

So after class I hurried over to the office and got some papers to drop that course and was told I had to talk to the other teacher before I could get admitted to that course. .. So far so good. 
Then I had some lunch. I picked what I thought looked like chicken, but it was some mushrooms.. Buhu! I didn't like them. So I just had rice and bread for lunch.

Then I went shopping, by my self. On my way to the mall there was this hobo of a chinese man, with an umbrella. He swung it around and tried hitting people, including myself, with it. Not nice. 

I walked two malls thin. Like two (to me) huge malls and some stores under ground connecting the two malls.. And then I got to a supermarket that was my actual destination, to buy some more dried mango! Yummy! But I can't eat that much a day, or my tummy will get upset :/

I found a place selling mango juice with yogurt. Sounded delicious, so I went for it. I think that was my first encounter with bubble juice... Anyways.. There was bits in it and that I did not care for, so I threw it out...

I bought some dresses and different stuff before walking home. 

Then I just came home to my bed and instantly fell asleep.